Best Deep Web Drugs Store

Best Deep Web Drugs Store 2021. What’s the most popular, most widely bought, and sold commodity on the Dark Web? Drugs! That’s what this piece is about, we’ve compiled a list of the 25 best deep web drugs store that exist out there on the dark web today.

The reason Drugs have such a high demand on these deep web drug store is because it’s one of the hardest commodities to procure regardless of the country you’re in, and in most countries, it’s completely illegal.

Note that we’ve not personally checked and verified every single site for features such as delivery time, legitimacy, quality of products, etc. and hence they may vary from site to site. 

Security Tips before accessing these deep web drugs links

Drugs are illegal.

I do believe that you’re here purely for research and educational purposes.

Even then, I’d advise you to strengthen your security before accessing these deep web drug marketplaces.

Follow these exact steps:

Sure, go with any other VPN, but they probably wouldn’t get you Nord’s “onion over VPN” protocol. Neither will they have an independently verified “no logs policy”.

And the speed? We all know how VPN speed sucks. Unless your VPN implemented a secure version of Wireshark, like Nord does.

Never access the deep/dark web without a VPN, any VPN if you’re adamant but a VPN nonetheless. Tor isn’t enough.

Note :
most of these deep web drug links are single-vendor marketplaces. While they’re generally less-trustworthy, these specific marketplaces have been here for nearly half a decade, hence have earned quite the reputation in the industry.


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Best Deep Web Drugs Store 2021

Guzang Market is one of the best deep web drug stores because of its 4600 listings, 2194 have been listed in the “drugs” category. Drugs of all kind including cannabis, Benzos, Ecstasy, dissociative etc. are available. Secondly, it allows payments not just via Bitcoin, but also via Litecoin, ZCash and Monero.

World Market


Tor URL:  http://worldtx2zjdrxwwdvthuilhadqyfcl3fqgyjddhtakq3j4fonppvy3id.onion

World Market may not be a “Drug-exclusive” store, but, it sure has over 50% of its total product-stock in the “Drugs” category. Every kind of drug, including Opioids, cannabis, Benzos and quite a few other drug categories are listed.

The payment method is Bitcoin only. Both Escrow and F.E are available for transactions. Advance deposits to a centralized market wallet are mandatory, these funds however can be withdrawn for a 0.5% fee.

The market also accepts independent sellers willing to sell their own drug products. The fee is just $50.00. It’s non-refundable.

There also is an autoshop however drugs can’t be purchased off the autoshop. It’s only for cards and bank accounts. Basic security features including the security PIN, 2-FA and Mnemonic code are available. Login phrase isn’t offered.

Alternative Mirrors:

Torrez Market


Tor URL: http://yxuy5oau7nugw4kpb4lclrqdbixp3wvc4iuiad23ebyp2q3gx7rtrgqd.onion/

An options-rich marketplace is what Torrez is. It accepts payments in as many as 4 Cryptocurrencies which include XMR, LTC, BTC and ZEC.

4000+ products are available in all the traditional categories including drugs, services, carded items, fraud etc. Has a wallet-less mode, as well as a centralized wallet you can deposit funds to.

Security features include 2-FA via PGP and temporary one-time passwords. Registration is instant.

The vending bond costs $250.00, it’s waived under special circumstances. Wallet can be secured with a PIN.

Alternative Mirrors:

Liberty Market


Tor URL: liberty6o7lubin4t2nzyebylmk4l4xfw6kk2o5xhg3fahqoatfiprqd.onion

It’s a relatively new market and hence doesn’t have an army of products, yet, the “drugs” category doesn’t disappoint and offers nearly 400 listings. That’s the maximum number of products any of its individual categories hold.

The individual sub-categories include Cannabis, Prescriptions, Opioids, Steroids and many others.

Payments are accepted both in Bitcoin and Monero. It’s not wallet-less though. The vendor-fee for sellers isn’t mentioned but is sure required.

There’s a security PIN (set by the user) which protects the funds, 2-FA (PGP) too is available for account security. Lost accounts can also be recovered using a mnemonic code.

Alternative Mirrors:



Website: http://pt2mftbxeczbzufi2v7b3ekmsun4khq6hi7bdjo7w23fsx3easvr73ad.onion/

SmokersCo. Sells things you can “smoke” (obviously). The two primary products are “Weed” and “Hash”. Currently, there are 7 listings available in both the categories.

It’s one of the most established markets and its 5000+ reviews just prove that.

Note that it’s a single-vendor market and hence you can’t “sell” you products there as a vendor. Only purchases are allowed.

Registration isn’t required to browse the product. Making purchases however is possible only after registration.

Multiple quantity-batches are available for all the products. The entered shipping information is auto-encrypted and then is displayed so you can verify the encryption.

Multiple shipping modes too are available. Currently, only Bitcoin is accepted. Note that it’s completely wallet-less, you do not need to make any “wallet deposits”. Payments can be made on the checkout page directly from external wallets.

They re-ship the entire package if the original is lost or stolen. It’s the only darknet drug site on this list which has a “price-match” feature. If you find lower prices for their products elsewhere, they match the prices.

Guzang Market


Guzang Market was an online darknet market founded in late 2013  Guzang Market operated on a hidden service of the Tor network, allowing online users to browse anonymously and securely while avoiding potential monitoring of traffic. The marketplace sold a variety of content, including drugsstolen data, and counterfeit consumer goods, all using cryptocurrency. Guzang provided an escrow service, with disputes handled by staff. The market also had accompanying forums, hosted on a different URL, where buyers, vendors, and other members of the community could interact.

Guzang Market link: http://egxvdo7ceqmgzgtz7mzd47gj3ra6bpagb5b57wq6qemu46ialpf2w4qd.onion/

Corona Market

Corona Market

Tor URL: coronhls55k7oo3mzzwf3xlketww6rgdpxtpoxv3yogtvjiboohytuqd.onion

Corona Market isn’t just a drugs marketplace on the darknet. Rather, it’s a complete marketplace which sells many other products which include services for carding, hacking, security & hosting, and drugs (obviously), digital products, counterfeit items and a lot more.

Wish to make non-Bitcoin payments? Sure, Monero is accepted in addition to Bitcoin. Shows very detailed data about each vendor on their profile. Like wallet-less markets? Corona offers that. More comfortable with advance deposits to a centralized wallet? That’s possible as well.

Accounts can be strengthened using 2-FA. Not good at remembering passwords? Accounts can be recovered using the mnemonic code.

Corona Market lets users sell for free! Yeah, forever. Optionally, paid vendor accounts are available from $30.00/month.

Alternative Market

DarkFox Market

DarkFox Market

Tor URL: https://p5eg3xsssjglu6tvwfazp2nqqwfpah55wr3ljil2bezp5shix5ruqsqd.onion

Any market which sells “Drugs” on the Tor network is a darknet Tor market link, isn’t it? That’s what DarkFox does.

Although it brings in the security of an escrow to facilitate all trades. Multisig escrow too is available. It isn’t just a single admin market rather each trade is fully secure and protected against scam.

The purchase of drugs is anonymous as well considering only Bitcoins are allowed. It accepts deposits as small as 0.00005BTC.

Are the vendors or even the buyers legit? A very transparent profile-page lets users verify such details. The drug listings can be browsed without registration. Accounts can’t be hacked because of the 2-FA, funds too are secured using a security PIN.

Alternate Mirrors:

ASAP Market


Tor URL: asap2u4pvplnkzl7ecle45wajojnftja45wvovl3jrvhangeyq67ziid

The market has a long list of drugs that it sells. The product-category is heavily dominated by these listings which include Benzos, Opiates, Stimulants, Weight loss, Barbiturates etc.

These can be purchased using both Bitcoin and Monero. Drugs can also be sold, anyone can be a vendor for $400.00. There’s obviously additional fee on each sale, this fee varies depending on the vendor. No additional fee for buyers whatsoever.

Before making a decision, products can be browsed freely without having to sign up. Both Bitcoin and Monero can be used to make payments.

2-FA and security PIN available. Centralized wallets. 0.0005BTC minimum deposit mandatory.

Alternative URLs:



Tor URL: dedopedhvmcsxylb.onion

Despite being a single-vendor marketplace, DeDope has been here since before Empire Market.

It only lists two products for sale. Bubblegum, and Marokk Hash.

However, multiple product-batches are available. Buyers can purchase either 10g, 25g or 100g batches.

The product is shipped from Germany. There’s an additional €25.00 shipping fee.

Products can be browsed without registration, however, placing orders is only possible after registering.

Bitcoin is the only accepted mode of payment. The order-process isn’t fully automated as on Empire Market. Manual directions via a contact form are required.

Steroid King

Tor Link: xdsa5xcrrrxxxolc.onion

Steroid King is listed so high up on this list for one simple reason, its product-stock.

After Empire Market, it’s the second most product-rich deep web drugs shop.

The total listing rests at 203 individual products. Over 20 different categories of products available, the broad ones being HGH, Injectible, Oral, Sex drive etc.

The interface is more professional than the others on this list as well. UK and US shipping charges are $12.50 and $15.00 respectively. Everywhere else, a $20.00 shipping charge is levied.

No geo-restrictions exist.

Only BTC accepted. Completely automated order-process.

Pushing Taboo

Tor URL: pushingtabu7itqj.onion

Pushing Taboo is another one of the single vendor shops. It has 4 product-cateopgries, LSD crystal, Tryptamines, Blotter leftovers, and LSD Blotters.

8-10 products are available, however, products frequently go out of stock so the exact number varies.

Orders are semi-automated. An automated address is generated, the order needs to be paid for, then the team needs to be contacted manually.

Ships globally, with Chile and Australia being the exceptions.

Previous customers have a 50% re-ship privileges in case the order doesn’t reach. In other cases, refunds are possible but not guaranteed.


Tor URL: mollyworh4524fop.onion

With exactly 4 products, this may not be the most options-rich deep web drugs link.

However, it sure is established and reputed.

Multiple product-batches available. Some products can even be ordered in bulk, up to 1000pills at a time.

Current products include MDMA and Methylone. Different variations of these is up for sale.

Payments are automated. The shipping details need to be sent via email.

Only Bitcoin is accepted for payments. Royal mail is the only available mode of shipping.

No registration required. Completely anonymous.

Quality King

Tor URL: quality2ui4uooym.onion

Another one of the very few drug marketplaces on Tor which despite being single-vendor, not accepting Escrow and not offering many products, is still very well established.

4 product-categories are available, Benzos, Opioids, Prescription pills and Stimulants.

34 individual products listings available, combined throughout all the categories.

BTC is the only accepted mode of payment. Registration is mandatory for placing orders.

No escrow available. PGP is allowed and recommended, but no automated encryption is provided.

Weed store

Tor URL: weedsragjdyuimdm.onion

What does Weed store sell? That’s a big suspense, not.

This drug store on Tor network only grants entry after registration.

Exactly 6 products available. However, multiple weight-based batches exist. Some of the products include White Widow, Bubblegum, Greenhouse weed, Super silver haze etc.

Not wallet-less, requires deposit to a market-controlled wallet. Only BTC accepted.

Offers free shipping to EU citizen on orders worth EUR 300.00+. For everyone else, a shipping fee of €30.00 is required.

A support team (or, probably an individual) claims to respond via anonymous email.

The French Connection

Tor URL: abyssopyps3z4xof.onion

Probably, the oldest Tor drug marketplace on this list.

Not the prettiest user-interface.

Clearly mentions that this drug store on the deep web only accepts BTC as a mode of payment.

Has 30 or so products. Batches are pre-defined and not flexible. Products can be browsed without registration, however, purchasing is only possible after registration.

Absolutely no refunds offered, in no conditions whatsoever.

Doesn’t ship to USA. Europe has the fastest delivery time of 2 days. For Australia, up to 31 days may be required.

Drug Store

Tor URL: drugss5mif4vrbws.onion

It resembles the user-interface of Weed Store, however, isn’t identical.

Currently, has exactly 43 individual listings.

Available categories include PSY, Cannabis, Prescription, Opioids etc.

Unfortunately, it’s one of those few deep web drug links 2020 which do not support wallet-less payments.

BTC accepted. After making a deposit, messages with further instruction for the purchase appear.

Withdrawals are allowed.

The checkout page isn’t available without deposit. For any practical action on the shop, a deposit is a must.

No information on refunds or geo-restrictions (if any) are provided.

Kamagra for Bitcoin

Tor URL: k4btcoezc5tlxyaf

As the name suggests, the website sells Kamagra viagra, and accepts payments via Bitcoin. The product-stock is really impressive, it has many different types of tablets and oral jelly.

Even multiple batch-choices are offered. You can order as few as 4 tablets, and as many as 200 at a time.

Multiple quantities of the same batch can be ordered. That essentially eliminates any “maximum” order limit.

Only Bitcoin is accepted for payments. Also, registration is mandatory. Very extensive details about each tablet is offered.

It isn’t wallet-less, advance deposits need to be made to order products. Withdrawals are allowed. Products are made by Ajanta Pharma.

Cocaine Market

Tor URL: cocain2xkqiesuqd.onion

I bet you can’t guess what Cocaine Market sells.

Whatever your answer was, you were wrong. It sells Cocaine.

It lists exactly 15 different types of Cocaine for sale.

Multiple-batches available for most products.

Naturally, Bitcoin is the only accepted mode of payment.

Registration is mandatory. You can’t even browse the product-stock without registering.

Again, a centralized wallet exists which is where BTC is to be deposited for purchases.

USD $30.00 shipping-fee exists on all orders.

Support is available via a contact form available on the site.

Icarus Market

Icarus Market

Tor URL: http://tjfr4vfwmq6df4hc.onion/

Without a doubt, the fastest growing darknet market in existence. In less than 4 months, it has an impressive product-stock of 30136 products.

Everything from drugs, fraud-products, digital items, jewels and gold, security & hosting etc. is available.

Payments are accepted via Bitcoin, Litecoin and even Monero. Minimum deposit requirements exist, it’s 0.0007BTC, 0.1LTC and 0.2 XMR respectively. Isn’t wallet-less. Offers the most advanced search-panel.

Security PIN, login phrase, and 2-FA via PGP available for account security. Vendors are accepted for a non-refundable vendor-fee of $250.00. Buyers get to audit vendors extensively, thanks to its detailed vendor-history feature.

Registration is mandatory, free & instant.

Extra Mirrors:

Tor Market

Tor URL: http://adjwur2fmmuxfpk7fluanwxdv6k4cqrnntiay7fqwxogxnrsc7ow67qd.onion/

Tor Market is one of the most basic darknet drug markets as far as interface goes. It sells drugs, pills, capsules and other related products.

Has around 150 total products listed. Does accept third-party vendors. There’s a 400 NZD vendor bond, refundable after 6 months. A 5% commission too is demanded for each sale.

Supports payments via Bitcoin, Litecoin and also ZCash. BTC requires 3 confirmations. Doesn’t ship to USA. Does offer 2-FA via PGP for account security. Registration is mandatory for purchases, however, some products can be browsed without registration.

U.S Pharmacy

Tor URL: http://pharmauoq6wnqp7q.onion/index.html

As the name may hint, this darknet drug store does ship to the U.S. The website only sells tablets. Oxy, Norco, Opana are some of the available pills.

It’s a single-vendor owned marketplace and doesn’t allow third-party sellers. Orders can be placed by e-mailing the seller manually, no automated orders.

Probably only ships to USA & Canada. Payments can only be made with Bitcoins. No other form of Cryptocurrency accepted. Registration isn’t required.


Tor URL: http://bs3uji2tmsm3tvgv.onion/

As the name suggests, the website is a Cocaine specialist. We found listings for Crystal Meth, Heroin and Fire Flake Cocaine. It’s a single-vendor marketplace and doesn’t accept listings from independent vendors.

The website is extremely basic and more like a one-page landing page. It simply lists the products, and available batches. Orders need to be made manually, by emailing the admin.

A PGP key is provided for better encryption. The source of the drugs, shipping destinations, shipping fee and purity levels are mentioned for each listing.


Tor URL: http://sqnvtyplsq7myb7poqgykrhdip34algqjpnrqt6sochgijsq3xctcpyd.onion/

The marketplace sells pills and hard drugs. Xanax, Morphine, Ecstasy, Speed, Prescription and Valium are some of the listed products.

It’s a single-admin market but the interface is that of a full-fledged third party escrow market. It claims to have sold on Empire, Apollon and Grey Market. Currently they’re listed on Darkmarket, Monopoly, Versus, BitBaazar etc.

Registration is mandatory in order to place orders. It ships worldwide, no restrictions. Even publishes a Canary to warn us of hostile takeovers.

It’s fully automated, and wallet-less. Doesn’t require any advance deposits. A total of 128 listings available for now.

Wacky Weed

Tor URL: http://wacky2yx73r2bjys.onion/

Wacky Weed has arguably “the” most creative, unique and well-designed interfaces out of all the deep web drug links listed above.

Anyway, as the name suggests, it primarily deals with “Weed”. The list of categories include Cannabis flower, medical, Cannabis pre-rolls, recreational etc.

It sells these products as tinctures, oils, cakes, and even chocolate. The order process is completely automated. It does require registrations for purchases though.

For each product, it also lists the effects both general, medical as well as negative!

Bitcoin is the only mode of payment. It doesn’t accept other sellers and is controlled by a single admin.

Midland City

Tor URL: http://midcity7ccxtrzhn.onion/

Midland City is a completely automated single-admin darknet market. It sells Benzos, Cannabis, Opioids, Dissociative etc. As for types, we’ve seen pills, powders, bricks and plants listed.

It’s rare and impressive that the orders can be completed without enabling JavaScript. It only accepts Bitcoins for payments.

Registration isn’t required to place orders. Each order is valid for a 60-minute window after which it’s auto-cancelled. Do note that at times manually contacting the staff after making a payment may be required.

A few non-drug listings too are available primarily in the digital goods category.


TOR URL: http://wms5y25kttgihs4rt2sifsbwsjqjrx3vtc42tsu2obksqkj7y666fgid.onion/

It’s a drug market which ships from the UK. Shipping is free for orders above 150 GBP. Multiple batches of products available, can be as small as 1.5g. Only Bitcoin payments are accepted.

It’s 100% anonymous even though registrations are mandatory. Available products include Cocaine, MDMA, Ecstasy, Haze etc.

Sellers aren’t accepted. It’s a single-admin (or probably a group) marketplace. Isn’t wallet-less and hence advance deposits need to be made to the account wallet. Withdrawals possible, no fee only the network fee required.


TOR URL: http://baxiy4r54fakb5yj.onion/

It sure is a deep web drugs link as the name hints. However, that isn’t the only available product. On top of drugs, it also sells counterfeit notes. Cocaine, Baba Kush, and Flake available. Multiple weight-brackets available for each product.

Payments can only be made using Bitcoins. Registration is mandatory. For each product, a number of reviews too are published although they may or may not be authentic.

Refunds too are possible in certain cases, each order requires a refund address. Completely automated order process.


Tor URL: http://amster4mdi4ls27irjhe3ul6hzha5itf6naifanpfbdbfybclbnqipyd.onion

It’s a drug market owned by the vendor group known as “We Are Amsterdam” on popular darknet markets including the now defunct Empire Market and its alternatives.

The product-stock includes Stimulants, Ecstasy, Dissociatives, Cannabis etc. Just over a hundred products are listed for now. As for payments, both Bitcoin and Monero are accepted. Funds can be deposited to the market wallet in advance. 0.0005BTC and 0.06 XMR minimum deposits.

Security PIN feature available. Bulk orders possible, these are shipped from Germany (with a decoy!).

Tom & Jerry

Tor URL: http://6kqmut3dvu47kvsdkjhn4atroxipl6grtnmkrr3w5wnnnvcjaevgkmyd.onion

It obviously is a drug store, products include Cocaine, LSD, Hash, MDMA, Weed etc. Unfortunately it’s not automated. Hence, orders can be placed via e-mails or Wickr. Tracking ID is provided with orders.

Ships 5 days a week, no weekend shipping. Only Bitcoin accepted for payments. Multiple weight-brackets for each product available. Owned by a single vendor, no independent vendors accepted.

50% reship available for returning buyers, new buyers get 50% extra on their second orders for lost packages. 100% re-ship for wrong products.

Empire Market [ EXIT SCAM]

Tor URL: i5kjii2y2jumlye6etmouksvdhech357urmj4txctrneedl4vkfjbsqd.onion

Probably, the only multi-vendor marketplace on this list. But, the most secure, popular, established and literally the best deep web drugs link.

It has over 34,000 listings in its “Drug” category alone.

It also provides regular + Multisig escrow for trade security

Payment too is automated, and can be made using Bitcoin, Monero or Litecoin.

Its strict vendor-fee ($400.00) ensures only legitimate and trustworthy vendors may join the marketplace.

Alike most other multi-vendor marketplaces, it too requires advance fund-deposits. Orders can’t be paid for individually. Withdrawals however are allowed.

Most importantly, it’s the deep web drug link with the least scam-probability.

Check out empire market mirrors

Darkc0de Market (Scammer)

Tor URL: http://darkoddrkj3gqz7ke7nyjfkh7o72hlvr44uz5zl2xrapna4tribuorqd.onion

If you need drugs, digital items, or databases, Dark0de is a potential option.

But, it’s also an option if you need cam girls, vehicle theft, diamonds, chem. Equipment, illegal emigration and corruption-related products/services.

Deposits can be made via BTC or XMR. 100% free deposits. Withdrawals are possible at a fee of 1.5%/transaction. 3 vendor-levels available.

Vendor accounts cost $200.00. 3.5%/transaction charged both to buyer and vendor.

Darkweb Market (Seized)

Tor URL: http://darkmarketsomqvzqfjudpd6t5eabgvvpplrbtzq6prervyogenlrlqd.onion/

If you need drugs, carded items, jewelry, identification documents and over 55,000 other products, DarkMarket may be worth a glance. It’s wallet-less and hence can be trusted.

Payments can be made via both BTC and XMR. Registration is mandatory and free. 2-FA is the only available security feature. Vendor-bond costs $500.00.

Escrow and F.E (for established vendors) are available. UAE and Russian users aren’t allowed. Offers impressive vendor-transparency, shows total sales and disputes.

Also fetches stats from other marketplaces. Publishes a weekly warrant canary for security purposes.


Considering the legality of drugs, proceed only after reading, and agreeing 100% to this disclaimer.
This article is purely for educational and research purposes.
You are not allowed to buy or sell drugs on any of these deep web drug marketplaces.
If you do so, you’re agreeing that you’re committing a crime.
Any and all of your actions, on any of these or any other sites, both on the clearnet as well as the deep/dark web are completely and solely your own responsibility.

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